We believe our approach to patient education and injury management is what makes us unique. Patient education is a very important part of the Sport & Spine approach. A clear understanding of what is going on has benefits to both patient and practitioner in working toward the common goal of recovery.
For the practitioner it helps with:
  • Determining treatment options
  • Patient compliance with treatment recommendations
  • Patient adherence to home advice
  • Maximising treatment results
For the patient it helps with:
  • Understanding what is going on
  • Why it keeps happening (if recurrent/chronic)
  • The practitioner role in your recovery
  • Your role in your recovery

The analysis and treatment tools utilised here at Sport & Spine are supported by current research, and have been selected based on effectiveness in clinical practice. The real difference in the Sport & Spine approach lies in knowing when and where to apply a particular treatment tool. Knowing when NOT to, is equally as important. This is what makes us unique. Below is a snapshot of what to expect here at Sport & Spine.

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A thorough health history will be taken to determine: What is going on, treatment options, if we can help and if an external referral is required


A comprehensive physical examination will be conducted including a functional movement evaluation.

(See: Functional movement evaluation)


A number treatment tools are utilised at Sport & Spine. Use of each tool is determined by patient comfort and clinical indication.

(See: Chiropractic techniques)


Follow up and home advice is tailored to individual needs, and involves all or some of the following: Fascial release exercises, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises